Poseidon Mining Testnet Phase5.2 is LIVE !

Poseidon Mining Program — Phase5.2 has started on 2021/12/04 (UTC+ 8:00) !

What is Poseidon Mining Testnet Phase5.2 ?

During phase 5.2, we are introducing a different reward type- Miner Level. Base on your edge firmware standard, there are two types of level-Water Node, Vapour Node. If your edge qualified for Water Node, we provide additional bonus to you.

Also, you can find a new section on QQQ App Mining status as Miner Level.

In the meantime, in order to better serve our storage renting client, we have adjusted our reward rule to give more rewards to high level edge (Water Node).

⚠️ Please update QQQ APP to at least above version 1.30.0 (Android | iOS) . This will ensure you have access to all newly added features. (1.30 update is available on Dec 03)

⚠️ Please update QLauncher to the latest version V3 (Github) . This will ensure you are eligible of mining reward.

How to join Testnet Phase5.2 ?

Step 1 Follow these steps on Github to install QLauncher V3 (
Step 2 Download QQQ app : Android | iOS Attention : You must upgrade QQQ app version to 1.30.0 to get income.
Step 3 Follow these steps to begin mining income on your device with the QQQ app
Step 4 You'll receive your earnings every day between 00:10am and 00:30am in your QQQ app. ( Learn more → )

Mining Rule of Testnet Phase 5.2

Daily Income = Basic Income x Miner Level + Contribution Income

Basic income

If IPFS is running properly, you'll get basic income : 25 mining points ( 1 mining point = 1 QQQ ).

Dimensions reward weight in basic income based on firmware standard has also adjusted according to mining phase 5.2, you can check the rules in your QQQ App.

Miner Level

If you provide a stable and high performance edge, you will be qualified as Water Node and receive additional Miner Level bonus.

How to be qualified:
  • QLauncher online more than 168 hrs
  • Upload/download bandwidth ≥ 80Mbps
  • CPU ≥ 8Cores, RAM ≥ 16GB, Storage ≥ 8TB
  • IP Used = 1

After Miner Level upgraded, we detect again if all the service is running correctly; if service is running good, you will see Miner Level has been labeled as Water Node both on m.3q.fi and QQQ App mining detail.

Contribution income

As a further development, we will be renting our customers your storage, and you will earn 0.14 mining points for each gigabyte you provide.

For example :

When your Miner Level is Water Node:

If you contribute with 8coreS , 16GB , 8TB Storage with 80 Mbps upload and download speed, also rent out 2000 GB storage, you'll earn :

25 * (1.2 * 1.2 * 1.2 * 1.2 *1 * 1 ) * 4+ 0.14 * 2000GB = 487.36 mining points / day

When your Miner Level is Vapour Node:

If you contribute with 4coreS , 8GB , 2TB Storage with 40 Mbps upload and download speed, and rent out 200 GB storage, you'll earn :

25 * (0.5 * 1 * 0.8 * 1.2 *0.5 * 0.5 ) * 1+ 0.14 * 200GB = 31 mining points / day

Notice: When you update QLauncher or your Miner Level has been changed, file storage and contribution income may be affected according to it.

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